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Welcome to Above the Rest American International High School

We offer American High School Diplomas, American University Diplomas, and USA Immigration consultations and Visa Applications.

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Why Choose Above the Rest American International High School?

  • Open 24/7
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  • Student Satisfaction 98%
  • Graduation Rate 100%

What Our Students Are Saying

Travel increases your chances of spreading and getting Covid-19 due to potential exposures on public transit, at airports, or in hotels. Postponing travel and studying from home is your best way to protect yourself and others. In addition, without graduation ceremonies there are huge savings for your flight, for your family, hotels, transportation from airports to hotels, cost for updated passports, taxis, rental cars, additional clothes, medicines, and jet lag which is free. That is why most parents and students prefer the virtual way. So in summary, as you can see, the virtual learning experience is the best alternative. Besides, High School diplomas and University diplomas these would all be mailed to every student via an international courier. It's a WIN-WIN FOR EVERYONE!